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Founded in October 2004, Changzhou Honest Electric Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, production and sales, covering a variety of micro special motors. Listed on the new third board in 2015. The stock code: 833450. The group has four subsidiaries: Honest Motor, Tang motor, Xinjinyu Transmission , and Cheng Bang office equipment. The main products includes AC motor, DC motor, brushless DC motor, Universal motor, servo motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor and a variety of precision gears, worm gear, reducer. Products are used in office equipment, pumps and valves, food machinery, textile machinery, garden tools, drum motor, open and close door system and other industries.


The company has more than 480 employees, including more than 30 professional engineers and technicians, 20 modern production lines, annual output of more than 3 million motors, annual turnover of more than 300 million yuan. Honest attaches great importance to the research and development of new micro and special motors. Every year, 5% of its turnover is used as research and development funds. Honest employs senior R&D engineers, equipped with standard design and development tools and software, and equipped with advanced testing instruments and motor performance testing equipment. At present, nearly 50 patents have been obtained in the motor industry, and more than 10 new patents have been added every year, which promotes the development of new technologies and products in the micro-special motor industry. In the production process, strict implementation of ISO 9001 management system standards, to ensure the quality and reliability of motor products, products have B, F level insulation system, UL certification and CSA, TUV, CE, CCC and other products certification. After 14 years of market development, with excellent products and services, Honest has established a long-term stable strategic partnership with a number of enterprises in the industry.       

Tang motor was bought

Tang motor is mainly engaged in PMDC motor, brushless dc motor and universal motor

Honest Electric was founded

R & D, production, sales, covering a variety of micro-special motors, 

customized motor...

Honest Motor was founded

Mainly engage in single AC asynchronous motor, three phase AC asynchronous

motor, three phase permanent magnet synchronous motor









Changzhou Aolisite Electric Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to R&D investment and project development. It invests more than 20 million R&D expenses every year in the development of new products, including office supplies, financial appliances, food machinery, outdoor products, garden tools, and high-end products. High-end and high-end customers in textile machinery, special pump valves and actuators, opening and closing door devices, household appliances....

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Pioneering and innovative, dedication and truth-seeking, advocating conservation and harmonious development

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Self-satisfaction, customer satisfaction, social satisfaction

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Honest and trustworthy, work hard, develop steadily, and return to society


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Careful design, precision production, exquisite products, sincere service